All of Us

As we go about our daily lives, we can find ourselves justifying our actions in our minds. We can get into the trap of thinking that since we read our Bibles and have our personal time with God that doing this or that is ok. Especially if the things we are justifying to ourselves are not particularly bad things. 

This verse popped into my phone today as the verse of the day. Reading it, a couple things crossed my mind. First, that Jesus said we “must” do this. This is not just a suggestion. This is a command! And second, we must give ALL of ourselves to God. Not just the easy things in life. We must make the decision that we are going to put God before our comforts and interests. Did Jesus only give a part of himself on that cross? No, we gave all of himself, all the way to death. Ask yourself if you could do that. Its a hard thing to ask yourself, harder even to imagine, but that is what Jesus did for each and every one of us. He gave all of himself. 

We need to live each day with the future in mind. Living each day fully to please God. Giving him every part of ourselves, not just the easy parts.